Around the world there are 4 major 600Nm yacht racing events. Most of you would have heard of them all.

  • The Rolex Fastnet Race

  • The Rolex Sydney Hobart Race

  • The Rolex Middle Sea Race

  • The Caribbean 600


You could add

  • The  Rolex China Sea Race

  • The Newport to Bermuda Race


plus the all new

  • Aegean 600


We are mainly interested in the top 4 and its quite an elite club to say you have done the lot. Well you can with Anarchy Sailing.

Read on below and follow the links to the events that tick your box.

Rolex Fastnet Race

Our most popular event. This one sells out quickly with both new and repeat customers.

Starts in Cowes on the Isle of Wight and for 2021 it will finish in Cherbourg. 

Includes 2 training weekends and 3 qualifying races. 

Total time on the water approximately 17 days


Rolex Sydney Hobart Race

Everybody wants to do it but it seems so far out of reach.  How do you you get to participate in this 

amazing iconic yacht race.

Sign up with Anarchy Sailing and we will make it happen 

Includes UK training weekend, training in Sydney Harbour plus one Oz 24hr 150Nm  qualifying passage. 

Delivery back to Sydney

Total time on the water approximately 12 days


Rolex Middle Sea Race

It's the Mediterraneans Fastnet. A 600Nm epic from and to Malta, around Sicily.

Described as the worlds most beautiful race course.

Package includes UK training weekend & 2 days refresher training in Malta.

Total time on the water approximately 9 days


Caribbean 600

Its the Caribbean. That means trade winds, crystal clear warm seas and blue skies.

Don't be fooled its as tough as the rest but warmer.

Package includes  2 days training in Antigua

Total time on the water approximately 7 days


Anarchy Sailing is about fun first.

That said we love to race and we love to beat our rivals.

Each year we invest more into our yachts.

Sails, sail configuration to optimise performance against rating.

Smoother hull, new electronics and all kit replace when needed including halyards, sheets etc. 

We will always present the yacht in the best possible condition so there are no excuses on the water.

Ultimately we are a TEAM and regardless of your previous experience you will become a key member of the TEAM.

Remember      Life's a riot

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