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Tuesday 9th February 2021


Port Louis Grenada. 

English Harbour Antigua

No one way trip. Fly home

Anarchy Sailing

9 Days. 


Caribbean Raid Raid

Tuesday 9th February - 17th February 2020

.Anarchy Sailing invites you to join us for a lazy sail from Grenada to Antigua

The Starting point:

The event sets off in February planned for the 9th.

We are in no hurry. This is all about soaking up the sun, sea and sand 

as we meander through the Caribbeans Windward Islands stoping off 

at little pockets of paradise amongst backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

We will stop off in anchorage's and coves along the way. Bays, beaches, mangroves and stunning reefs. sail, swim and even on occasion catch our evening meal. Return to old favourites and discover new ones. Dingy ashore to bars restaurants, & rum shacks, explore the towns and wander along empty beaches of golden sand with the crystal clear warm waters of the Caribbean kissing your feet.

We limit the capacity to just 4 guests, share daily duties and switch to go slow. 

End Point:

We sail up through the Grenadines, Tobago Keys, Bequia, St Vincent & St Lucia, Anchor in Martinique and Guadeloupe at the Clousteau  Nature Reserve. Sailing on to Antigua and English Harbour where we will finally say goodbye.

Bring a snorkel, a camera, a smile and your flip flops. Bring a friend. You will need someone to share the memories with. Its too good to keep too yourself.

Race starts in.....

Anarchy Sailing is about fun first.

That said we love to race and we love to beat our rivals.

Each year we invest more into our yachts.

Sails, sail configuration to optimise performance against rating.

Smoother hull, new electronics and all kit replace when needed including halyards, sheets etc. 

We will always present the yacht in the best possible condition so there are no excuses on the water.

Ultimately we are a TEAM and regardless of your previous experience you will become a key member of the TEAM.

Remember      Life's a riot

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Basically just give us a call  or email us 

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Email: skipper@anarchysailing.co.uk