Wi fi:




York Street, Cowes, Isle of Wight

8 beds in 4 rooms

4 ensuite with shower. 1 family bathroom

Strong every room Mesh network.

Relax, dine outside & BBQ ,outdoor lighting.

5mins to the Yacht Haven up behind Shepards

Refurbished as a crew house for crew. Massive amounts of hot water, run 5 showers with no pressure loss.

Viessmann Boiler and 350litre cylinder. Grundfos boosted water supply.

Garden laid to deck & shingle. Perfect for crew nights in.


Fireball is our baby.  We absolutely cherish her. She's fast, has the best sail wardrobe amongst the Solent fleet.. well she did. There has been a bit of an arms race over the last couple of years. Our rivals  keep catching up but we think with our North Code Zero we still remain ahead of the game. 

Now we have access to other 40.7s. They don't belong to us but to our mates. The Solent 40.7 fleet is quite a tight little community. We all look out for each other. We charter together, race together and drink together.

All the yachts listed are equally loved and more importantly coded for charter.

  • Fireball

  • Anticipation

  • Fandango

  • Escapado

  • Playing Around

  • Challenger

We may have a problem with access to two of the yachts this summer thanks to Covid 19. They have got stuck out in Antigua and may miss the weather window to safely blast back across the Atlantic. We will know by the end of June.

Fireball is being shipped back and now due to arrive in Southampton for the  21st May 2020

Under normal circumstances we have 10 40.7s to put together for industry regattas and corporate events etc.

The 6 mentioned above and 4 others.


Included within your booking are the following:

  • All new fresh laundered linen fitted for your arrival 

  • Fresh clean towels

  • Welcome pack

  • Greet & meet on request

  • Additional laundry service for long stays.


All guest must be house trained. No smoking in the house.

Ability to flush a toilet, wipe your feet and use the correct recycling bins for the correct rubbish essential.  A certificate of domestic competence would be gratefully received or a reference from your mother or wife/girlfriend also appreciated.

Don't leave damp sailing gear lying around, you can hang it up above the bath in downstairs bathroom.

Help yourself to Tea Coffee or any condiments etc that may be in the cupboards. 

Occasionally the lower draw of the freezer compartment might be out of bounds.


Please call Rachel McNamara or email her via the following

Mobile      +44(0)7969 760052

Email         rachelsolo@live.co.uk