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Inshore racing is ultimately can racing with some exceptions such as the World Famous Round the Island Race.

Can racing consists of courses set up between various marks or buoys.

These courses can vary in size to give you multiple races that can last an hour or so each or one that will endure for most of the day.  

Either way it provides close quarters sailing with your competitors. TEAM work is everything and the more you race the better you get.

Can racing keeps you focused, the adrenaline can be intense. We have known seriously good skippers who admit to anxiety at the starts, once the gun goes its forgotten. A sort of stage fright as the tension builds.

Its close racing and with every yacht wanting to be in the same position on the start line, the tactics involved here can define the race.

Then there is the approach to the first mark which can often mean fighting to get the right line and preparing for a slick spinnaker hoist as you round.

Everybody plays an important role on the yacht. No passengers and we try to develop your skills and play to your strengths. 

We do allow a celebration as we cross the line and of course an intense day on the water win or lose does require some bar time ashore. Where else to debrief, unwind and reflect on an amazing days.