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Mile Builders

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  • Bermuda to Cowes

For those of you who want to crank up the miles and those who just seek adventure.

We will be heading East in May 

Departing from Antigua and Bermuda we will first participate in the Antigua Bermuda Race, from Bermuda we will pick up new or and additional crew and head East to the Azores with a stopover before finally hitting the North of Europe.

Additional stops at A Coruna and Brest are possible but Our target is Cowes England.


The trip is designed to increase your sea miles and provide an invaluable experience as you gain new skills & knowledge while enjoying one hell of an adventure.

There are no planned stops on route but if we are making good progress then stop we shall. Stretch those sea legs and freshen up ashore.

Estimated journey time for Cowes to Gibraltar is 12-14 days, Gib to Malta 10-12 days, Malta to Gib 10-12 days,

Gib to the Canary Islands 6 days 


  • Antigua to Bermuda Race   £975

  • Bermuda to Cowes               £450*

  *denotes contribution for food only as this is non commercial and on behalf of the registered yacht owner Rachel McNamara


Email skipper@anarchysailing.co.uk


Leave Antigua 6th May 2020

                                                          ETA Bermuda 12/14th May 2020


Leave Bermuda 14/15th May 2020

                                                          ETA Azores 25th May 2020


Leave Azores 26th May 2020

                                                          ETA Cowes 4th / 6th June 2020

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch, we are going back from whence we came."


- JF Kennedy