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The Rolex Fastnet Race


The next Fastnet Race in 2021 finishes in Cherbourg not Plymouth. To be honest we are not fans of this decision by the RORC but it is what it is.

So what does this really mean. Well firstly its a longer race by a 100 nautical miles so its going to add a day onto the race. It also means an extra day sailing back to Cowes after the race. Ok great more sailing? However crew are usually all sailed out by the time the race finishes and quite like the idea of a train home from Plymouth. 


Cherbourg Finish

What awaits us in Cherbourg is unknown. Will it have the same atmosphere? Can the crew easily get onshore accommodation? What will the facilities be like?

Well as this is a first we don't know although the RORC is at pains to tell us it will be better than anything we have experienced in Plymouth.

Given the controversy surrounding the RORC'S decision I would imagine they will pull the stops out to justify their actions.


Increased Costs

Unfortunately costs will rise, more wear and tear on the boat, more logistic costs, more food onboard more time at sea.

We have prided ourselves since 2015 as being excellent value for money. The Fastest 40.7 in 2019 bar one, the highly modified Phillosophie ( a reputed 120k worth of hull & keel modifications ). Beating the rest of the 10 strong fleet with our closest rival 20 miles behind us as we crossed the finish line.

We spend our profits on the yacht that's why she goes so fast.

We should still be the highly competitive on price and as always we want you to have fun.

Our 2021 Campaign

April - Ist Training Weekend.

We start in April with a training weekend.

Weekends start on Friday evening.

Based in Cowes we will take you out into the Solent for some basic training. Some of you will be novices others with skills. The training weekend is for everybody. You will get to know the boat, how she performs, what rope does what, emergency procedures, MOB and given the conditions we shall do some spinnaker training, both Symmetrical & Asymmetrical plus a play with the Code Zero

Qualifying Races

As part of the RORC requirement the yacht and the crew will be required to participate in 300Nm of offshore racing. We achieve this by giving you 3 RORC events.

Cervantes Race

Myth of Malham

Morgan Cup

We also offer all other RORC races that start in the Solent discounted from £255 to £155 for Fastnet crew.

We would rather you did more events together, the more you you do the more effective we become as a TEAM.

July - 2nd Training Weekend

This is your chance to ask for specific refreshers in what ever aspect you feel we need to work at.

We will do more spinnaker practice and more safety.

It's our last chance together before the big day.

Iron out those rough edges and make sure we cross the start line as an effective TEAM.

The Yacht

As we do every year and specifically for the Fastnet we will ensure Fireball is in tip top condition. Presented to you for the race ready and highly competitive. How we do in the race is then down to us as a TEAM. No excuses.


Every Fastnet we get a mixed bag of abilities. Everyone finds their role and everyone becomes a key component. The most skilled and experienced sailor is not always the key player. We also believe in morale and looking after each other. Sometimes just supporting the guys on the helm with a brew, or kicking off a sing song, cracking jokes, pulling on a sheet. These are TEAM necessities. Look after each other. 

2019 we had a TEAM. Some strong personalities, some clashes of opinion. Some stubborn individuals, some generous of heart. All by the time we started the Fastnet were a TEAM. All pulling together, all looking out for each other. 

Never been prouder of a group of individuals than on that race.

We truly were a TEAM.



TEAM Anarchy Agenda


We train hard & we will race hard. We insist on having fun.


We treat you as a mate, a TEAM member. Technically your a guest but hopefully you are a new friend for life.


We want you involved, not sitting out on the rail. Yeah, yeah, there will be a bit of that and the skipper will take his turn too. But we share duties and we value your input.


TEAM Anarchy, as it says we are a team.


If you want to feel like an outsider and receive special attention we are not for you.


If you want to be apart of something amazing both on land & sea then give us a call. Chris 07870 403888


She will be presented in Full Metal Jacket mode.


At the moment we are only looking to add no more than a couple of hundred pounds to our 2019 prices.

Subject to RORC entry fee prices.

Logistics and any additional costs that may or may not result from our departure from the EU. 

Guide Price of £3,250 


  • 2 x Training Weekends

  • 3 x RORC Qualifying Races

  • All entry and berthing fees

  • All yacht costs

  • All onboard food and drink

  • One legendary TEAM Shirt (we do have the best TEAM shirt)

  • All Safety kit

  • Free loan of Musto foul weather gear if required

  • One Awesome Adventure

  • Amazing memories.

Essentially you get a least 18 days on the water.

The More you Sail-The More you save

Don't forget as Fastnet crew you get £100 off the website published price on all other RORC events for the 2021 season.

Should we commit to any bigger events such as the Middle Sea Race or the Caribbean 600 etc, bigger discounts would be applied.

Crew House

Unlike other charter companies we have our own Crew House in Cowes.

To make it available to crew we do need at least 6 of the crew to book a bunk. Reason being it runs as a separate business and is very popular with constant repeat bookings and 5 star reviews.

It is an additional costs and with a full crew sleeping onboard it makes a welcome bit of comfort prior to a major race or training weekend.

Each room is a twin with its own ensuite and wifi ever where.

2021 prices yet to be published but its cheaper than the Anchor or the Duke of York and exceptionally well appointed  with great outdoor space.

Sneek peak go to our Crew House Page

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Steve Goldmember
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Nigel Rogers
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Wow what a race.

What a TEAM.

Second 40.7 to finish behind the super pimped Phillosophie that races with a 6 man full time crew.

Brilliant result in very testing conditions

Very proud of all my TEAM.

No one ducked or hid away when it got tough.

Big thanks to 

Viessmann UK


Woods Food Services

for their support.