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Saturday 26th December 2020

Offshore Cat 2

Sydney Harbour Australia

Hobart Australia

Yes we ultimately finish back in Sydney

Cruising Tacht Club of Australia 

5 Days. + training & Oz qualifying passage, party time and sail back


Fastnet Race

Saturday 8th - 15th August 2020


We we won't be taking Fireball with us to Australia, she wont fit in the plane.

However our good friends in Australia have made available their 40.7 for

us to ,blast down The Australian coast on.

She's a cracking boat and like Fireball well maintained.

We will be taking Fireballs sail wardrobe with us.  Well if you have Gucci 3Di sails you might as well use them.

Effectively that means we will be as competitive down under as we are up here in the UK


Ok so participating in Australian qualifying races is a problem but we are allowed to skirt round this by participating in a 150Nm passage over a 24hr plus time frame.

We will also get some TEAM training in the Solent for all of you based here in the UK, or can travel here without to much inconvenience.

The yachts are essentially the same so other than different coloured sheets and halyards the transition to the race boat should be straight forward.

You will also need to complete a RYA/ISAF Sea Survival course. This is not included as it allows you more flexibility in where you take them and some of you may already have a valid certificate. Each course is approximately  £200. We can arrange these for you.

We will provide you with one of our famous Team Shirts & a Gillet although we are talking to Sail Racing regarding their amazing  jackets.

Not cheap but if we can get enough discount we will offer those at an additional cost.

Having worn one across the Biscay I was seriously impressed. You will want one.

Also included is the return sail back to Sydney which is optional however if we don't have enough of you to sail the boat back we will need to add a surcharge to cover the travel costs of the owner and his mate to help sail her back.

Race starts in.....




More details below


Included within your booking are the following:

  • 1 x Qualifying Passage in Australia 4 days before the race start

  • 1 X Training Weekend in the UK

  • 2 X Training days in Sydney Harbour

  • Race Skipper & Mate 

  • Race Entry Fees

  • All Mooring & Berthing Fees

  • All onboard food whilst sailing

  • Free Loan of Musto Foul weather kit (if required)

  • All Safety equipment 

  • All  Accommodation is onboard

  • TEAM Shirt & Gillet

  • Optional return sail back to Sydney


At least 2 offshore races exceeding 150Nm each.

We are a TEAM so we guide and help each other through each race. Some of the crew will be more capable and experienced than others. You learn as you go. We will include a training weekend in the UK plus training & a qualifying passage in Australia.

Once we all get use to each other, our strengths and weaknesses, how we respond to fatigue and sleep deprivation, how many sugars you take in your tea.

All the little things that are 'as important' as your skill development. We will learn to communicate, work together, look out for each other, laugh together, get cold and wet together, soak up the sunshine together. 

We have had absolute novices who have shinned. Experienced guys who have started out left wanting. By being a TEAM we can be amazing and on the 2019 Fastnet we were exactly that. Never been as proud of a crew as that lot. They set the bar.

We challenge you to better them.


Well as you are reading this you must have a Computer, Tablet or a Smartphone or some magical device we are oblivious too.

So given your a tech wizard try one of these:


PHONE:  +44(0)77870403888


We genuinely discourage the use of Semaphore (waving flags around), morse code by lamp or telegraph, Smoke Signals, Chinese Whispers or "my mates ask me to ask you"

Or use our carefully crafted form below and we will get back to you.

Please Note

By the nature of our business we are often on the water and don't man a full time office. Once about 5-10 miles offshore telephone signal is at best poor.

We therefore can't always provide an immediate response but we do promise to get back to you. We want your custom.


TEAM ANARCHY 2021 Sydney Hobart


Cervantes Race

Cervantes Race

Sat 8th May 120Nm + Return 3 Days

Myth of Malham

Myth of Malham

Sat 23rd May 230Nm 3 Days

De Guingand

De Guingand

Sat 6th June 110-160Nm 2 Days

Morgan Cup

Morgan Cup

Wed 8th July 324Nm 4 Days

Le Trinite

Le Trinite

Sun 12th July 350Nm 7 Days

Taittinger Cup

Taittinger Cup

Fri 17th 19th July Yarmouth

St Malo Race

St Malo Race

Fri 17th July 151Nm + Return 3 Days

Channel Race

Channel Race

Sat 1st Aug 120-150Nm 2 Days

Cowes Week

Cowes Week

Sat 8th - 15th July Regatta Cowes

L'lle de Ouessant

L'lle de Ouessant

Sun 16th August 400Nm + Return 6 Days

Round Ireland Race

Round Ireland Race

Sat 22nd August 704Nm 5 days

LBCC Regatta

LBCC Regatta

Fri 11th - 12th Sept

Cherbourg Race

Cherbourg Race

Friday 4th September 75Nm 2 Days

Round the Island

Round the Island

Saturday 26th Sept 50Nm

Anarchy Sailing is about fun first.

That said we love to race and we love to beat our rivals.

Each year we invest more into our yachts.

Sails, sail configuration to optimise performance against rating.

Smoother hull, new electronics and all kit replace when needed including halyards, sheets etc. 

We will always present the yacht in the best possible condition so there are no excuses on the water.

Ultimately we are a TEAM and regardless of your previous experience you will become a key member of the TEAM.

Remember      Life's a riot

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