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Friday 4th September 2020 (eve start)

Cat 3 Offshore

Cowes. Royal Squadron Line


Yes. We ultimately finish when we arrive back in Cowes

Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC)

2 Days.  



Sunday 4th September

Anarchy Sailing invites you to join us for the RORC end of season finale,

unless of course you are planning on heading south for the winter.

The Start:

The race start is from the Squadron Line off Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

Crews are required to be at the yacht no later than 2 hours before the start.

You are welcome to arrive early. We will be getting the yacht ready from 10am.

Full details of times & joining instructions will be forwarded to you on completion of

your booking or you can sneak a peak on the www.RORC.org website.

RORC can on rare occasions make amendments and we would spend our days changing the website. Rather be sailing.



The Race heads straight out of the Solent to Cherbourg. No marks, no deviation. Basically last one in the clubhouse is a sissy.

Race starts in.....

Anarchy Sailing is about fun first.

That said we love to race and we love to beat our rivals.

Each year we invest more into our yachts.

Sails, sail configuration to optimise performance against rating.

Smoother hull, new electronics and all kit replace when needed including halyards, sheets etc. 

We will always present the yacht in the best possible condition so there are no excuses on the water.

Ultimately we are a TEAM and regardless of your previous experience you will become a key member of the TEAM.

Remember      Life's a riot

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Small business.

Could be on the water?

Basically just give us a call  or email us 

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Email: skipper@anarchysailing.co.uk