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Nothing beats sailing in the Caribbean.

The sunshine, the warm seas, the hospitality and of course those warm Caribbean breezes that fill your sails and set your sailing soul on fire.

We offer two types of Caribbean adventure:

Racing & Cruising


The racing

It can be as intense or casual as you want it to be. Take the challenge of the offshore epic, the Caribbean 600 or lose your self in the shore side parties at one of big regattas. 


Shorts and Tee shirts, live music with that Caribbean vibe and of course Rum. Each event has its own unique atmosphere, in an idea world you would stay all season and do the lot.


As a Skippered charter you can relax in the knowledge that expertise is always at hand. We do however do let you take control should you wish. Sail and race using your tactics, your strategy. The skipper is there just to make sure your safe and in control.


So check the racing calendar and choose your event. If us a call and we will tailor a package to suit you. 

Charters can be whole boat or a mix or individuals with a chance to make new friends.


Explore the stunning Grennadines south of St Lucia & St Vincent or the Virgin Islands to the north or anything in between.

Your holiday your agenda. However it is all down to the location of the yacht.

January the Yacht is based in St Lucia, late 

February Antigua


"On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty."

- Rumi